Welcome to Virtual Y - an online youth hub!

We are an online platform brought to you by the Y.

Here at the Y, we know how important staying connected is and believe youth clubs play an important role in keeping young people together. Which is why we have created Virtual Y - because online youth hubs mean you can stay connected, while apart. On Virtual Y, you'll be able to access exclusive fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, family and youth content. From keeping fit through workouts and training at home and learning all about nutrition with our delicious recipes and Healthy Living Magazine. Not only does this youth health hub focus on physical health, but also mental - offering methods of looking after your wellbeing with mindfulness practices; learning with your family with home activities; to engaging with the Australian youth community through our Youth Hub.

At the Y, we believe in the power of inspired young people. We're a community not-for-profit organisation, meaning all we receive is put back into improving our programs and services, and to supporting local communities. YMCA Victoria offers a variety of programs, products and services across over 150 locations everyday, including community recreation and sporting facilities, swimming pools, children's programs, camps, youth services, action sports and disability services. And now, we're bringing you Virtual Y!