About Virtual Y

We are a digital platform brought to you by the Y

On Virtual Y, you have access to great range of fitness, nutrition, wellbeing programs, as well as dedicated spaces that cater to families and our youth community. 

You can keep fit through workouts and training at home; learn all about nutrition with our delicious recipes and Healthy Living Magazine; look after your wellbeing with mindfulness practices; learn with your family with home activities; and engage with like-minded young people through our Youth Space. 


Virtual Y is here to support young people and the community 

While the long-term impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the community are still unknown, we know that the lives of many young Australians will never be the same. Along with social isolation, young people are facing loss of employment, financial insecurity and increased anxiety about the future. Our services for young people and communities have never been more important. 
We want to continue providing opportunities for young people to be heard, be supported and most importantly stay connected.  

That’s why we launched Virtual Y in partnership with the Victorian Government.  

With Virtual Y, the YMCA wants to ensure young people and the communities that support them can continue to learn and grow, stay physically active, increase their wellbeing and stay engaged with one another. 


About YMCA Victoria

At the Y, we believe in the power of inspired young people. We're a community not-for-profit organisation, meaning all we receive is put back into improving our programs and services, and to supporting local communities.

The Y offers a variety of programs, products and services across hundreds of locations in Victoria every day, including community recreation and sporting facilities, swimming pools, children's programs, camps, youth services, action sports and disability services. Now, we're bringing you all that and more with Virtual Y!


Acknowledgement of Country

As all of our programs, services (and now videos) are created and delivered on Aboriginal land, we would like to pay our respects to the traditional custodians of these lands and all Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and recognise that this land always was, always is and always will be Aboriginal land.

We also support and recognise the educational, spiritual and cultural contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the Australian community. The Y truly believes that increased awareness and appreciation of these cultures will help us create a more united Australia that celebrates and embraces our First Australians.  



We are committed to measuring the health and social impact of the Virtual Y. By measuring the impact of Virtual Y, we want to understand more about how we make a difference in the lives of young people and continually improve our services. 

The information and feedback you provide about Virtual Y will inform the content we continue to provide for young people and the communities that support them. 
Please submit your feedback on the contact us page or directly to virtualy@ymca.org.au.