The right to vote is an important part of our democracy. To vote in Australian elections, you must enrol by placing your name on the electoral roll. To go on the electoral roll you need to fill out an enrolment form. You can fill in a voting enrolment form online or on paper. 

So, what's an electoral roll?

Electoral rolls list people who are registered and eligible to vote at federal, state, territory and local government elections. The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) and the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) operate a joint online enrolment form. You only need to complete one enrolment form to enrol for federal, state and local government elections. The electoral roll is shared with the relevant state electoral commissions to ensure you can vote in all elections.

How to enrol to vote

Who is eligible to vote in Victoria?

Australian citizens 18 years of age or older who have lived at an address in Victoria for longer than a month are eligible to vote. Hot tip - if you're 17 or older in Victoria you can enrol now so that when you turn 18 you'll be ready to vote.

How to enrol to vote

If you’re enrolling to vote for the first time, you need to fill out a voting enrolment form which can be done online or on paper.

You must enrol to vote before the electoral roll closes prior to an election.  

Online Enrolment

To enrol online, simply follow the steps on the VEC website and fill in the online form. It's quick and easy. 

Paper Enrolment

To enrol using a paper form, you can download an enrolment form from the VEC website or call 131 832 to request to have one sent to you.

Paper forms can be submitted in person at an AEC office, uploaded to the AEC website, mailed to the VEC, or emailed to the VEC.


Updating enrolment details

The VEC does receive data that can be used to remind people of their enrolment obligations and, in some cases, update the roll directly. However, you are responsible for ensuring your enrolment details are up to date. Your enrolment details need to be updated if your name or postal address changes. Remember, when you move house, you need to have lived in your home for 30 days before updating your enrolment and you must then update your details within 21 days. To change your enrolment details head to the VEC website and select the option 'update my details'.

Why vote?

Voting is compulsory by law in Australia. It’s your right and responsibility.

Being enrolled means you’ll always be ready to have your say.  

A healthy democracy requires active participation. You have the power to decide who represents you in the Federal and Victorian Parliament, and on local councils. This is a huge opportunity, so leverage this power.

If you don’t like what’s happening, vote for a new member of parliament. If you're passionate about an issue - vote accordingly.

There’s a Victorian state election in 2022. So enrol to vote and make your voice heard. 



So you're enrolled - now what? In the next module we'll look at how you can get informed about candidates and issues before an election.

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