What is Uplift Online?

Uplift Online is a free, six-week wellness program for young people aged 16-25. Uplift Online is a space where you can learn and develop your mental and physical health and how they are connected to your overall wellbeing. Join in on our weekly live sessions and connect with other young people, our youth workers and fitness instructors.

This program will provide you with a safe and supported environment where you can build self-confidence, learn about health, fitness and establish connections with your peers and the Y NSW.

The focus of this program is to learn and develop positive wellbeing and self-management. The Y NSW staff will encourage you to take charge of your mind, body and spiritual growth.

The Uplift Online program follows six key wellbeing themes:

  1. Connection
  2. Resilience
  3. Support
  4. Values
  5. Reflection
  6. Action.

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