It’s a new year, and many of us are looking to give our diet and lifestyle a bit of an overhaul. But with the overwhelm of nutrition information we’re bombarded with these days, are you wondering – what’s healthy anyway?

Join our experienced dietitian and food ‘realist’, Marnie Nitschke, for a look at what 'a healthy 2022' actually means. This seminar takes a deep dive into the ways we measure health – including weight, BMI and other objective measures.

You’ll also get an update on sugar, fat, salt and the guidelines regarding ‘ultra processed foods’, with tips on label reading and choosing the best products.

And what about diets? Are they the answer to better health? Marnie will critique some of the most popular diet trends you’ll have come across in the media and in your social circles lately. And we’ll round it off with some dietary mistakes to leave behind in 2022.