Build your mind-body connection with Corethentic!

Corethentic has teamed up with the YMCA to deliver a holistic Wellness System that brings the body into alignment with the mind through specially created Workouts, Wellness Coaching and mindfulness Podcasts & Videos. With a deep knowledge of Chronic Pain and Invisible Disease management at the core, Corethentic taps into the bodies chemical systems to improve wellbeing.

Humans have a Mind-Body connection, so for optimal health we recommend tapping into everything that the Corethentic Wellness System has to offer.

Foundation Workout Series

Our Foundation Level Video Series is suitable for any fitness level, and can even help you manage Chronic Pain. Get to know your body through customisable workouts that feature Dance Cardio, Cardio Tone and Core and end in a relaxing Mindfulness sequence.

Zen meditation

Corethentic is committed to empowering people with the knowledge of how these techniques positively impact the mind and body, and encourage practices that are sustainable for the real world. As you boost your natural brain chemicals with soothing music, and embark on gentle focused breaths; motivated by the need to feel a little more calm, to find relief from pain or anxiety, we can help you to improve your own wellbeing and the relationship you have with yourself.

Mindset coaching

The mind plays an essential role in every aspect of your wellbeing, even affecting the very cells that fill your body! So at Corethentic we have designed this series to help you tackle everything from how you think about your quality of life, to what you consume, so that you are able to build the life you want and so richly deserve.

Corethentic mindfulness

Corethentic Founder, and Mindfulness Practitioner Flic Manning, takes you through a series of 20 minute Blissful Sessions designed to introduce Mindfulness skills, breathing techniques, visualisations and neurological benefits to you from the comfort of your home.


Join the Corethentic team in their kitchen as they take you through some fast, effective, cheap and tasty meals and snacks that will not only satisfy your hunger, but also nourish your body at the same time.